Wall Street Journal Asia Covering 2011 WSC-1 Finals (Cockfighting is a Livelihood and an Industry)

Ted, a journalist of Wall Street Journal Asia, told me he is there to cover the event for an article and it will be published both on print and online. As we warmed up chatting about the event, I told him that a lot of articles I have read in the past by journalists covering the sports of cockfighting will often pretend to be written by ignorant journalists.

They wrote about the sports as if it is not an universal sports that is older than any sports known to be popular today. They always use “blood sports” to describe cockfighting. Why placed an adjective? Why not just sports? Are they just trying to poison the minds of young kids about cockfighting?

These journalists pretending to be factual on their articles but they in fact described cockfighting to imply that it is barbaric in nature because they never encountered cockfighting nor can they fathom cockfighting greatness.

So I told him about some of my first hand experiences on laws against individual liberty.

  • Farmer plants a tree and when it is harvest time the government requires a logging permit. Why? I planted this tree on my own parcel of land!
  • Chicken farmer hatches eggs and raises chicks to adult chickens. The government enacts laws against individual liberty and criminalized cockfighting and even transportation of chickens with intent of cockfighting. Why? These are my chickens which I hatched and raised.

These two examples are mentioned because these are in fact properties of the farmer namely plants and animals. Why does anyone or the law mind my own business. It is unconstitutional and an oppression of individual liberties.

I hope he is just busy and did not forget sending an email with link of the article he wrote.

  • visited http://asia.wsj.com/ and searched for “cockfighting” and “world slasher cup” and “araneta coliseum” produced no results

Looking forward to whatever he wrote. I hope he remembers our chat at the event’s dining area. And maybe the side of cockfighters will be proudly written and not just quoted.

What about journalists writing about cockfighters in the level of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. We the cockfighters of our time have witnessed, followed, and read about our living legends of their time in this sports of cockfighting.

Recently in 20th century, we have Madigin group and Kelso group who were all wealthy and with large businesses in oil or/and stocks and also horse racing. We also have Bob Carpenter of Delaware who University of Delaware named after their sports center The Bob (The Bob Carpenter Sports/Convocation Center). Bob is a true sportsman from horses, dogs, gamefowls and gamecocks. Bob bred the Blue Hen strain of gamecocks out of near total extinction. Hallock DuPont was also responsible that the Blue Hen strain of gamecocks is perpetuated. We also have President Jimmy Carter who is a democrat as a friend of cockfighters if not a cockfighter himself. William McRae named his own personally bred strain of gamecocks to Jimmy’s political party – Democrats. Boxing greats of our time, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao are all cockfighters. Roy owns a cockpit in Louisiana before August 2008. Manny owns Pasay City Cockpit. San Miguel Purefoods’ Philippine Basketball Association team Derby Ace Llamados was named after gamecocks.

With still several universities and colleges in the United States of America naming their athletics team after gamecocks like the more known University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hen and University of South Carolina Gamecocks, there is hope that the youth of today will wake up and think for them self. And say enough with brainwashing and propaganda of Animal Rights groups. We the youth of today want common sense not poisoned minds to prevail. How do you want to be a vegan for life? No animals can be butchered or used in anyway. And what about genetically modified vegetables and plants? Yes we the youth of today want technologies to help improved these plants now in the laboratories. Why wait for a natural mutation that might take million of years. Change the genes now modify the plants’ genes now.

Common, enough with these insane lobbyists and liberty tramplers.

Hope some journalists will become a cockfighter even if they grow up in a city where all meats and vegetables are packed. No harvesting nor butchering.

I grow up around animals – chickens, water buffalos, cattle, dogs, pigs, geese to list a common array of farm animals in a common backyard. Where kids get to know how these animals give birth or hatch their young. Kids get to know how to take care of these baby animals at very young age. They also have the common sense how to take care of them even if their parents have just followed what were taught of them. These kids grew up to be a “horse whisperer”. Yes, they know more about these animals and they know how to read their animals body or eye language. These kids still knows that these animals will be given away, butchered, sold, work out in the farm, and in case of gamecock fight to the death in the sports of cockfighting. Yes, dogs and water buffalos are butchered too if of no use anymore or if the farmer want to thin his dog population.

This is long enough already for now.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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