2011 World Slasher Cup 1 bagged by Sagupaan 50 with Perfect Score 8-0

This maybe the last article in the world that will be about 2011 World Slasher Cup-1 event. As it started January 17 and ended January 23, 2011. It was 15 days ago.

World Slasher Cup is held twice a year. January and May for the Cup! 1 and 2 respectively. The format of this 8-cock event is 2-cock eliminations, 2-cock semifinals, and 4-cock finals for a total of 8-cock. The entry fee is P66000 and the minimum bet per fight is P33000. There are optional minimal fees for joining the options to win a prize for winning 3 straight wins. Fighting weights are 1.9 to 2.5 kilograms. The champion prize money is about P12M according to a stranger/participant I have talked with at the finals. As I could not get an official word from WSC nor I did bother to ask some of the known authorities in Philippine cockfighting.

I managed to attend the last day only – Finals. It happens that fight number 9 I voted as the best cock of the first 9 fights. And it is still the best cock of the day even after fight number 112 around 3:30am. Fight number 9. The start of the beginning of dominance by Sagupaan 50 entry. All Sagupaan 50 entry cocks fought this day, four in all, are really great fighters and clever ring generals, except fight number 98. Which almost ended in a draw it seems but Sagupaan 50 gamecock prevailed.

Here’s Sagupaan 50 entry fights.

  • #009 – Sagupaan 50 win vs BM Bulalayaw JDL
  • #039 – Sagupaan 50 win vs Against All Odds – 2 GTO/WWW
  • #065 – Sagupaan 50 win vs Crowsland Silverwings
  • #098 – Sagupaan 50 win vs Salapan Princess Cyrene

I uploaded some photos I took during the day under About > Gallery > Cockpit Visits > Araneta Coliseum.

Some photos of note.

  • Foreign Participants
  • Derby Ace Llamados Girls
    • Kudos to San Miguel Purefoods on naming their Philippine major basketball team after gamecocks
    • I have marked in my calendar 5 years ago that by 2009 I hope a Fortune 500 Company will become a sponsor to cockfighting club or gamecock farm (I am actually looking for one as I do not have enough funds to finance an entry)
    • SMP is the closest we’ve got so far and over due by a year
  • Manny Pacquiao and a friend
  • Jinkee Pacquiao and I
  • Patrick Antonio and daughter Anna
  • Partick Antonio, the Cup! and I
  • #098 – Sagupaan 50 cock who clenched the Cup! with perfect score 8-0

Made a list as the event goes of what fights I want to see again on video because I think the winning cock is great.

  • #014 Ahluck Dolores win vs Crowsland Silverwings
  • #019 PTK Yukatan win vs EYB Air Assualt 68 @ 25 Yrs
  • #020 BG/RBS Gamebirds win vs Blue Blade San Lorenzo
  • #027 BLK MISS – MIN win vs Thunderbird – IV
  • #028 Colt-39 Oregon win vs JLRG Doc Hen Palawan – 1
  • #047 JMJ Bros Pangasinan CICA SD win vs Gamebird
  • #049 SSF Kaizen GTO win vs Rian Ponirey WRN BM – I

I did not pay attention after fight number 79 and mingled with some friends and some friendly participants and the crowd. I just realized that from fight number 50 to fight number 79, I did not have any fights listed. That is 30 consecutive fights in WSC that I did not like any cock at all, if not for #065?

I hope some of you will write about your own favorite fights and the best fight of the day.

#098 – Sagupaan 50’s 4th and last fight of the final day

#065 – Sagupaan 50’s 3rd fight of the final day

Pre Event Presscon


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