Grit & Steel Breeders Cup In March

March is the month for one of the prestigious cockfighting sports event in the whole wide world, the Grit & Steel Breeders Cup held at Sunset Recreation Club. These 3 day tourney in short knife (1 1/4 inches instead of mexican short knife length of 1 inch) and long heels/gaff weapons is composed of 4-cock derby each day for a total of 12-cock derby. Fights usually start at 10-11am and end in the wee hours of the morning. The main and four drag pits are always full of action from cocks and great pitters of our time, not to mention the honest referees in their black and white referee shirt.

This is in the past before Louisiana State Congress banned cockfighting on August 15, 2008.

I miss the dirty rice with fried large shrimp and fried catfish. The poboy too. I still could not get rid of the blood on my white polo shirt. The glass is only 18-24 inches tall so the action can be real with blood when the cocks are strapping and shuffling each other.

Dirty Rice

The entries are the biggest names in the american cockfighting sports if not in the world. Several has 85-90 winning percentage in the past three months, December – February. Several has been Cocker of the Year at Sunset several times in the past. These entries are by the master breeder cockfighters of gamecocks in the United States of America all 50 states. Some are in their 80’s, some are in their prime, and some are in their teens.

Their whole family and relatives are watching the fights from their small children, teens, adults, and their wives. It is a family event just like the Kentucky Derby of horse racing where Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England attended.

One day, Grit & Steel Breeders Cup in March will be back. Cockfighting is a sports. Cockfighting is a family event.

– Gameness til the End

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