Cockfighting – Sports and Lifestyle

Cockfighting is a sports enjoyed by good honest men (masses and elites alike) from all over the world from pre-historic times, early ages, middle ages, industrial ages, and contemporary times.

Historic figures in cockfighting includes Alexander the Great, Themistocles, Julius Ceasar, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, James I, William the 6th Earl of Derby, Charles II, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.

Famous American cockfighters includes Sanford Hatch, John Madigin, Walter Kelso, Phil Marsh, Herman “Sweater” McGinnis, “Duke” Hulsey, and Will Allen.

Famous Filipino cockfighters includes Ramon Mitra.

(Send me your nationally known cockfighters that are legends for your countrymen, and I will add them here. Preferably from the past 50 years or more.) 

There are different gamecock breeds and strains from different continents and countries. The most famous breed is the American game as it is being used in 5 continents and most regions including the Philippines (cocking capital of the world), Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, and North America (training testing facility only). Other notable gamecock breeds are Indian Aseel, Japanese Shamo, Henan Game, Malaysian Malays, Vietnamese Ga Noi, Indonesian Sumatra, Thai Leung Hang Khao, Thai Pradu Hang Dam, Burmese Game, Old English Game, English Modern Game, Spanish Game, Persian Rumpless Game, Cuban Cubalayas, French Nord Game, Belgian Flamand Game, Filipino Igon, Filipino Parawakan, Filipino Balulang, Filipino Labuyo, and Filipino Tagalog.

Cockfighting Kabul Afghanistan 2003

Cockfight rules and weapons varies as well. The most famous weapon is the Filipino long knife. Malaysia uses long knife too. Other notable weapons are American Long Heels (American Gaff), Mexican Short Knife, Puerto Rican Postiza, and naked heel or natural spur.

Banned in USA due to laws against liberty and freedom. Greedy lobbyist and ignorant law makers runs the animal cruelty band wagon to trample the rights of free men.

No one love these gamecocks but the cockfighters, handlers, trainers, feeders, and aficionados. Day or night. Sleet or rain. From egg to brood years – multiple winners got to propagate their genes.

Cockfighting is a 365 days a year sports – breeding, caring, training, punctuated by 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 2 hours of cockfight in the cockpit.

It is the family way of life and sole livelihood to many cockfighter families – just like the beloved sports of horse racing.

Chickens are fought typically as stags, bullstags, and cocks. Chicks may fight as early as a day old 😉

Most important lesson to take from cockfighting is “gameness til the end”.

– Gameness til the End

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